Fantastic Deco Circus Lolita

Difficulty: Difficult
Popularity: Uncommon
Cost: Average to Expensive

Fantastic Deco Circus lolita is a combination of Decora, Lolita, and Circus theme along with a large dose of fantasy.

It typically consists of gothic or sweet circus print dresses with elaborate hair styling and accessories. Following decora’s love of detail, gems, bows, playing cards, whole rabbits and other OTT details are added, often to the head.

Colors tend towards bright primary colors like red and blue, saturated pinks, and black and white. Harlequin stockings or tights are popular as are stripes.

Full size or partial top hats and other “magician” themed items are also popular.

More images can be found on the Fantastic Deco Circus Tumblr.

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this substyle definition is a work of satire