Gothic Lolita

Difficulty: Modertate
Popularity: Less Common
Cost: Moderate

Gothic lolita is a substyle inspired by gothic fashion and to some degree visual kei. It’s often said that the style was created by Mana, owner of the brand Moi-même-moitié and the front man of Moi dix mois and Malice mizer.

Gothic lolita was at its most popular during 2000-2007.

Gothic lolita is not particularly more difficult than Sweet or Classic, however, it has become somewhat less common which makes it more difficult to find gothic styled pieces and examples of people wearing true gothic lolita fashion (as opposed to people simply wearing sweet or classic kuro lolita).

Many of the most common gothic lolita brands are a bit more expensive than classic or sweet brands, and it’s harder to find less expensive brands selling Gothic lolita.

Gothic lolita dresses are usually black, but they can be white, or jewel toned as well. Crosses, stained glass, angels, coffins, and cemeteries are all motifs associated with gothic lolita. Gothic lolita uses far fewer bows than sweet or classic, and lace tends to be abstract or feature crosses or roses. Coordinates rarely use more than two colors, and one of the two colors in duotone coordinates is usually black.

Gothic lolita tends to be longer in length than sweet lolita, and skirts tend towards an A-line shape. It’s not uncommon to see gothic lolita worn with a somewhat less full skirt than it’s sweet counterpart.

Accessories in gothic lolita tend to be gold or silver toned metal (sometimes antiqued) or black. Crosses, skulls and roses are popular, as is filligree and other historic stylings along with gemstones (fake or real).

Shoes tend to be more mature. Modern gothic lolita often uses thinner heels and more almond toe shoes, while older gothic lolita often used chunkier platform heels. Both are acceptable, provided the rest of the outfit fits the style of the shoes.

Large hats and facinators are currently in style, though crowns, roses and headbows are sometimes seen. Hair is often dark and straight, or curly. Grey and blond tones are also popular. Makeup tends more towards maintream or high fashion than the black on white commonly seen in American Gothic fashion.