Sweet Lolita

Difficulty: Easy
Popularity: Very Common
Cost: Varies, can be inexpensive

Sweet lolita was by far the most popular substyle from about 2007-2013, though Classic lolita has been experiencing a surge in popularity.

Sweet lolita tends to use motifs like fruit, candy, animals, toys, stars and other cute things. Sweet lolita focuses more on cuteness than the other substyles and tends to look more youthful.

Dresses and skirts can be shorter than in the classic or gothic substyles, and skirt shapes frequently tend to be rounder and more “cupcake” or “bell” shaped than the sharper A-line angles favored in classic and gothic, though this does not always hold true.

Unnatural hair colors like pink and lavender have been popular in sweet lolita in the past, though more natural colors, or muted pastels are more common now. Sweet lolita often features fuller, longer hair styles than classic or gothic, and many sweet lolita wear wigs to achieve fuller, curly styles. Twin tails, which are wigs that have clip on pig tails, and wigs that are split into two colors were very popular around 2010-2013, but have since fallen out of favor. Bobs, long curly styles, long wavy styles and shorter curly styles are in; but above all, it’s big hair to support large headbows!

Sweet lolita accessories often include over-sized plastic rings, necklaces and bangles in pastel or bright colors with cute motifs.

Shoes tend to have bows, angle straps and a very round toe box. Glitter, matte and glossy finishes and bright or pastel colors are common.