Country Lolita

Difficulty: Easy
Popularity: Uncommon
Cost: Inexpensive

Country lolita is an older, more casual lolita substyle which often uses gingham, floral and fruit motifs. Country lolita is sort of what you would get if you imagine that a classic or sweet lolita grew up on a farm in the countryside.  Coordinates are usually simple, and accessories are often fruit or flower themed, with straw hats, baskets and bags being popular. Socks and tights are often solid colored in neutral colors, or simple patterns / motifs. Head accessories often include flowers, straw hats or simple bonnets.

Eyelet lace with simple motifs like flowers, hearts or fruit is popular for trim, as are fabric ruffles. Cotton fabrics are the most common, though linen and other light weight summer fabrics can be used as well.

Shoes tend to be simple classic or sweet shoes or boots, and tend towards neutral colors. Common hair styles include lose curls and waves and braided styles. Hair should be neat and clean, but does not need to be styled particularly formally as with some other styles.

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