Punk Lolita

Difficulty: Difficult
Popularity: Uncommon
Cost: Varies, can be inexpensive secondhand

Punk Lolita is a crossover style that combines the Japanese version of Western Punk and Lolita fashion styles. While punk lolita is a crossover style, punk fashion, like gothic fashion is an established street fashion subculture which has a longevity that many other street fashions do not. Because of this, many people consider Punk Lolita to be a more permanent substyle than other crossovers like Decololi (Decora x Lolita).

Punk lolita is not as common as other lolita styles, and there is a limited number of brands who regularly produce punk lolita styled items. Because of this, one must have a fairly good understanding of both punk and lolita styles to construct a successful punk lolita outfit.

Punk lolita tends to be more casual than some other lolita substyles. Black is a popular color, along with gold, red, purple, navy and other rich, bold colors. Tartan and plaid motifs are popular, like with British punk. Clothing can be distressed, but is not always. Texture plays a bigger part in punk lolita thank in most other substyles. Common print motifs include typical punk imagery like skulls, crosses, roses, crowns, stars, etc, as well a butterflies (symbolic of death). Screen printing is common, and there is a tendency for there to be more metal used in detailing (grommets, buckles) on clothing. Asymetrical hemlines are more common in punk than in most other substyles, and skirts can be shorter in punk than in any other substyle. People who are above 160cm (5’3″) may find that some punk lolita clothing is too short for them.

Accessories are almost purely punk, and shoes trend towards punk as well. Makeup and hair are bolder, and similar to gothic lolita.

Key brands include Putumayo, Vivienne Westwood, h.naoto Frill, Sheglit