Sailor Lolita

Difficulty: Easy
Popularity: Uncommon
Cost: Inexpensive

Sailor lolita is one of the cheapest and easiest lolita substyles, as long as a suitable dress can be found. The most common detail in a sailor lolita coordinate is a sailor collar. Dresses and skirts are often solid colored in shades of blue, black, and white. Stripes along collars or skirt hems are common, pieces tend to be more simple with fewer frills and less lace. It’s not uncommon to see a skirt with no ruffle or lace at the hem at all. Anchors and coats of arms are common motifs, and are often seen on buttons or as embroidered details. Prints are uncommon, but of the ones that exist, nautical themes like fish, ships and mermaids abound.

Head accessories often include straw boater hats, sailor berets, or captain style hats. A simple headbow in a matching solid color with or without accent stripes is also acceptable.

Sailor style ouji also exists, where the skirt is swapped for a pair of shorts that are reminiscent of a sailor uniform. It’s important to note that a school uniform skirt is not the same shape as a sailor lolita skirt, and they are not interchangeable.